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Service and Parts Specials at Premier Chevrolet of Seaside

Vehicle owners from Hollister to Salinas are pleased to learn that Premier Chevrolet of Seaside offers many valuable benefits, from great prices on new and used vehicles to their fantastic service and parts specials. The certified automotive experts in our service department are dedicated to helping you keep your car, truck, or SUV operating at its peak for added economy and the reliability you need. They are here six days a week to make it easy for you to get your vehicle the regular maintenance it needs, as well as scheduling repairs at a time that works for your schedule. Call or use the easy online scheduling tool to make your appointment for expert care for your vehicle at Premier Chevrolet of Seaside.

Great FREE Services

Nothing says a dealership appreciates you and your business like a free service. Our service department at Premier Chevrolet of Seaside is happy to see you each time you bring your vehicle in for service. And to demonstrate that appreciation, we offer customers a few free services to help them save money and protect their investment in their cars. These great specials can rotate often and include a free diagnostic scan when your check engine light is illuminated, free installation with the purchase of a new battery, and a free alignment test to help extend the life of your tires.

Valuable Discounts On Popular Services

Much like our free services, the discount specials that we offer on many typical vehicle services also vary from time to time. We know that your needs can change as your vehicle ages, and we want to be sure to offer many helpful discounts that will benefit all of our customers for the life of their vehicles. Some of the more common service and parts discounts you will find include:

  • Lube, Oil, And Oil Filter – All engines need clean, quality oil to prevent damage from heat and friction. A professional oil change and lubrication of moving parts is the only way to prevent premature aging and damage to all integral moving parts that keep your engine functioning and your car taking you where you need to go.
  • Power Steering Service – Without the aid of power steering, your vehicle will no longer be safe or a pleasure to drive. Servicing this component entails inspecting all of the hoses and hose clamps as well as bleeding the fluid in the system to replace it with new, fresh power steering fluid to ensure the safety and proper handling of your car, truck, or SUV.
  • Tire Rotation – The wear pattern on each tire is slightly different because of its location on your vehicle. Without regular tire rotations, that wear in a specific area becomes excessive, and the tires wear out prematurely. Rotating the tires is the best way to balance the wear throughout the tire tread surface and maximize your investment in your tires and the safety of your vehicle.

Visit Premier Chevrolet of Seaside for the best service and parts specials in the region.