Fluid Flush Service Near Seaside, CA

Fluid Flush Service in Seaside, CA

Fluid Flush Service at Premier Chevrolet of Seaside

It can be tough to distinguish which services are advised because they are important and which services are recommended solely to earn money. There are no warning signs or reminders that your braking fluids need to be flushed. You won’t see a reminder sticker on your windshield to change your gearbox fluid. If you are in the Salinas, Santa Cruz, or Monterey areas, visit our service pros at Premier Chevrolet of Seaside today!

What is a Fluid Flush?

An oil change and wiper fluid change are both fluid flushes in technical terms. To assist its components to do their tasks, your automobile uses a variety of fluids. These vital fluids accumulate dirt and other pollutants over time. This can diminish their effectiveness or even make them dangerous to your car. A fluid flush entails completely draining a certain type of a variety of fluids from your car and replacing it with new, clean fluid. While different vehicles require different service intervals, every manufacturer suggests changing your fluids on a regular basis. The length of these intervals is determined by which fluid it is.

Transmission Flush

In order to function properly, your car’s transmission requires a specific type of oil. This oil, also known as transmission fluid, accumulates dirt and grime over time. This material has the potential to collect and clog your transmission system. These clogs can seriously harm your transmission, which is one of the most expensive parts of your vehicle. Transmission fluid should be changed every 75,000 to 100,000 miles, according to several manufacturers. Many specialists, however, recommend that this service be performed every 30,000-50,000 miles for customers who want to extend the life of their transmission. It is recommended that you change your transmission fluid every 15,000 miles if you travel in harsh conditions, such as delivering deliveries or doing anything that requires a lot of short-distance driving and stopping and starting.

Engine Coolant (Anti-Freeze) Flush

Vehicles have been using 5-year or 10-year coolant since 2011. This has decreased the requirement for these fluids to be changed on a regular basis. Coolant, on the other hand, protects your engine, which is the heart and soul of your car. As a result, it is prudent to at least check your fluids more frequently than that. Ask your mechanic to check your coolant when you go in for other service intervals, usually around every 30,000-35,000 miles. It’s best to know if there are issues sooner rather than later.
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Power Steering Flush

Many automakers claim that their power steering fluid will last the life of the car. That is not always the case, however. Power steering fluid is put under a lot of strain. When the car is running, it is exposed to the heat of the engine. In the winter, it is also vulnerable to intense cold. This back-and-forth can cause the fluid to break down prematurely. Pumps, hoses, and steering gear seals can all be severely damaged by bad power steering fluid. This will eventually wear out your power steering system and cause it to fail. This is a potentially dangerous position to be in while driving.


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