Hybrid/EV Advantages in California

EV/ Hybrid Advantages

Advantages of Owning a Hybrid or EV in California

California is at the forefront in the fight for cleaner air and reducing emissions from vehicles. Not only does the state have more regulations adopted to protect the environment, it provides more rewards to those who do the same. Buyers of hybrid models or electric vehicles will enjoy some of those advantages.



Benefits for HOV and HOT

California has an exemption for drivers of alternative fuel vehicles to allow them to drive in the HOV lanes. If you drive a hybrid or EV model, you can travel in the diamond and carpool lanes with no minimum number of drivers.

When driving a hybrid or EV, you’ll also get to travel on the High Occupancy Toll (HOT) roads without paying the tolls. To qualify for these benefits, you’ll need to prove that you qualify. You must have a decal for a Clean Air Vehicle displayed on your car, truck, or SUV. You can get these CAV decals from your local DMV office. To know whether you qualify for the white or green decal, you can look it up on the DMV website.

Some of the major cities in California give you another bonus with free parking. Some of those places include Sacramento, Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, and San Jose. You can find out more at the DMV website to determine if your vehicle is eligible for free parking.

Other Benefits to Owning a Hybrid or EV Vehicle in California

Along with all the state benefits of owning a hybrid or EV model, there are several ways you can reduce the cost of ownership or purchase. First, you may qualify to get $1500 if you retire your current vehicle for a hybrid or EV. The current model must be a gasoline vehicle.

Continue saving money with lower car insurance premiums. Many providers in California offer discounts that are specific to hybrid or EV models, such as low-mileage discount, alternative fuel discount of hybrid auto discount. When shopping for a new vehicle, talk to your insurance provider and ask which discounts they have and how much you can save.

Other Reasons to Buy a Hybrid or EV Model

You’ll find other reasons to own a hybrid or EV even if you don’t live in California. These benefits apply no matter where you call home. For example, you can save money and time by not stopping at gas stations as often with a hybrid or at all with an electric model.

You can save money on maintenance as well. Since there’s no engine or other components to operate an engine, you don’t need oil changes or tune-up. Many maintenance and repair issues aren’t applicable with your electric model.

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