Automotive A/C Repair Near Seaside, CA

Automotive A/C Service in Seaside, CA

A/C Repairs and Services at Premier Chevrolet of Seaside

Over time, there are many causes for air conditions to stop working or start breaking down. As an A/C system starts to break down, it can leak refrigerant, and end up causing even more damage to the system and other components around it. Having your air conditioning system regularly serviced is a good way to keep breakdowns and damage from happening. If you think something is wrong with your vehicle’s A/C, then bring it to our service center at Premier Chevrolet of Seaside.

Does Your A/C Need Service?

You can keep an eye out for three major signs when it comes to a problematic A/C system. One of those signs is a strange odor coming from the A/C vents. If you happen to smell something out of the ordinary, then this could mean there is mold or too much moisture inside the system. The second sign to look out for is if your A/C isn’t blowing as hard as it used to. If this happens, it could mean a blockage inside the air conditioning system. Debris inside the system can cause your vehicle’s A/C to work even harder, and in turn, could cause even more damage. Lastly, if you notice your A/C is blowing hot air when it’s supposed to be blowing cool air, then you could have a major problem. Bring your vehicle in to our service center right away if you notice any of the three signs above.

When To Service Your A/C

When’s the last time your A/C has been serviced? If you don’t recall, then have one of our professional service technicians take a look for you. You can always check inside your vehicle’s owner’s manual for an estimated time frame on when it’s best to have your vehicle’s A/C system serviced. Generally, it is recommended that a car’s air conditioning system be serviced thoroughly once a year, or when routine maintenance is performed, like an oil change. Don’t hesitate to take your vehicle in if you notice any of the warning signs above. If you think it’s time for your vehicle’s A/C system to be serviced, then schedule an appointment with our service department.

Trusted Service Every Time

Premier Chevrolet of Seaside strives to provide our customers with the best vehicle services in the Gonzales area. That’s why we provide our service technicians with the finest training available on all makes and models. From minor services like tire rotations to major repairs, our service center will have you in good hands. Not only do they provide the leading services around, but they perform them in a timely manner while saving you money with our rotating service specials. Recently been in an accident? Take your Chevy to our collision center for repairs on dents, glass, and more.

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